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Hi!  I’m Nicole.  I am 37 years old; a Scorpio in its truest form.  I was born and raised in Southern California.  I met the boy, who would become my husband, right after high school.  We got married October 2, 2009.  It was perfect.  We started working on making a family that night. 😉

Fast forward 2 years and there we were, sitting across from the fertility doctor, listening to our “options”. We tried all of them.  It was in those unnerving years spent “waiting” that I discovered my love and abilities to build and decorate. – I had to keep my mind in motion.

In 2012 we decided to look into IVF.

Later that same year, unfortunate circumstances would occur, leaving my 12-year-old nephew in our care.  IVF would be put on hold.  Life gets away from you when you’re unexpectedly asked to raise a teenage boy, and 2 more years came and went.

In 2014 we were surprisingly gifted, from my dad, the money to cover a round of InVitro.  We began the grueling process the day after our 5th wedding anniversary.  On November 19th 2014, we received the phone call that our embryo had attached and we were pregnant. {Insert all of the emotions}.  Deacon was born at the end of July, 2015. (More about our infertility story here)

After his 1st birthday we decided to give pregnancy another shot.  December 9, 2016 we found out we were pregnant with baby #2!  All by ourselves.  No doctors, no medicine, no shots, just us!  We were to the moon {and shocked} to say the least!  We made up signs and shot pregnancy announcement pictures!  We were waiting until Christmas Day to share the good news!  Unfortunately, as it goes with unexplained infertility, we lost the baby right before Christmas, December 19th. And so the journey continues.

On a more personal level: I am totally crazy! (But, the good kind of crazy).  I love to sing.  I make my son dance around the living room with me.  I sometimes have (self-dyed) pink hair and I have a newly pierced nose, because I think that it will keep me “cool”. – I don’t know if it’s working.  Let’s just say it’s a “mom-life crisis” thing.

I am pretty crafty.  I’m a party planner.  I LOVE to decorate!  I’m pretty handy with the tools.  I make a lot of stuff. – If my husband said I could build our next house, I would probably try.  I try to make, or build, everything myself before I have to buy it.  I will try to post DIY/How to’s (and videos, if the day permits).

I have a big family who is NUTS! – I have read a LOT of blogs, all whom claim to have the craziest family, so I’ll just let my writing do the talking, and you can come to a conclusion for yourself.

6 of the 8 siblings!

Like I mentioned before, I’m an InVitro mom.  They call me “advanced maternal aged” (LOL). You’ll hear me use this term often. – I think it’s funny that that’s the term doctors use.  Infertility and IVF play a huge part of who I am today, and the journey shaped who I would become as a mom!  It is all just a big ball of emotion, that will probably come in Part I, Part II, and, possibly, Part III postings.

Lastly, I’m Deacon’s momma. Which has been the most rewarding role in my life this far. I will write A LOT about him; our daily-s, being a mom in her late 30’s, getting pregnant in her late(r) 30’s, but mostly just our journey through life as we try to figure stuff out!

That’s me, for now, but stick around.



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  1. Love you Nicole, can’t wait to read your blog! You are so sweet, loving and I’m so proud of you. Have fun with this honey and I know you will inspire us all

  2. Love it! You are doing a great job as a wife and momma! As you were growing up, I didn’t know if that was ever possible, but you surprised us all and turned every life lesson into a positive learning experience. You’ve built a wonderful home for your family (and I don’t doubt that some day it could be with tools and physical labor! Lol) and you have inspired many people along the way. I love you and can’t wait to follow your journey from your eyes and heart in this blog.

  3. You are amazing – in so many ways. I don’t doubt that your journey and struggles of becoming a momma will help others. Love you to pieces Cole!

  4. From Mickey Mouse jeans to Mom jeans, you have always been compassionate, caring, loving & considerate..All the traits of a wonderful mother which I’m sure you are..

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