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I’ve been trying to decide on the best “First Post of the New Year”.  My whole house caught the crazy sick virus the day after Christmas (the one that took down most of Southern California),…

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It was a Wednesday morning.  I just knew.  I had an old home pregnancy test in the drawer.  I watched as the first line turned pink and then, as bright as the first one, there…

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Oh, Christmas Tree

Are you decorating today?  This weekend? Because, it is “officially” acceptable to decorate for Christmas now!  I’m not sure who came up with the rule that decorations cannot go up until the day after Thanksgiving,…

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Missing this last weekend and my sister today!  I hate when she leaves and holidays without her are the hardest.  I found myself looking at pictures from my last visit to Utah for her birthday….

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Hello world!

Hi!  I’m Nicole.  I am 37 years old; a Scorpio in its truest form.  I was born and raised in Southern California.  I met the boy, who would become my husband, right after high school….

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